Pits on walkways, danger to pedestrians

29 Sep, 2020 - 10:09 0 Views
Pits on walkways, danger to pedestrians Pits on walkways are a danger to pedestrians


Karen Mhlanga, H-Metro Reporter

SEVERAL pits have developed along walkways in the capital posing a great danger to pedestrians as well as the visually impaired community.

This publication recently witnessed a visually impaired person falling in one of the holes near Angwa Street and Jason Moyo Avenue

Almost every street and pathway in the capital city is damaged and there are pits that make it impossible for people with and without disabilities to move around freely.


“Failure to repair these pavements and roads is actually a breach of human rights as the physically challenged are finding it difficult to move freely.

“We are paying rates for improvement of service delivery but what we see is a city having worse standards,” said one of the women who rescued the visually impaired woman who had fallen.


The rescuer who preferred anonymity said for life of people with disabilities to be made easy, the government needed to ensure that there is disabled-friendly parking, wheelchair accessible doorways, ramps at entries and exits of buildings.


Harare City Council Spokesperson Michael Chideme said they were working towards refurbishing the walkways.


“We are in the process of replacing with concrete covers through the roads division. There is high rate of theft on the cast steel that’s why we are doing concrete.”

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