Pixie Patie: Rising musical voice

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Pixie Patie: Rising musical voice Pixie Patie


Rest Mutore, Entertainment Reporter

FOLLOWING the release of her recent singles ‘Just Fight’ and ‘Rise’ which helped her reach new heights, rising songstress Pixie Patie says she is ready conquer the music industry.

The 20-year-old, who also does covers, has a bias towards Rn’B although she enjoys showcasing her versatility.

Pixie had dreams to be a musician while growing up but she decided to venture into the industry two years ago.


Pixie says she sings to motivate people

“It was always my dream growing up. I had that feeling that I should change lives through music. Most of my compositions are motivational, I sing to give people hope.

“I compose my songs based on real life situations, what the general populace encounter in life. I’m into R&B but I don’t want to limit myself, I get inspiration also from local musicians like Tammy Moyo,” said Pixie.

Pixie gets inspiration from Tammy Moyo

Born Patience Chipembere, Pixie said music played a huge role in her life as she used it as therapy following the death of her father in 2017.

“My dad died the time I decided to pursue music. It was a difficult situation for me especially being the first born.

“I would say music played a huge role. I used it as therapy and if you listen to most of the lyrics, you will realise that. So why should I stop motivating others when it worked for me?

“I used to hear people saying music heals before I encountered it,” said Pixie.

RARING TO GO . . . Pixie describes the response to her music as amazing and encouraging

Some of her singles are enjoying rave reviews on online platforms as well as local airwaves, a development the songstress described as ‘amazing and encouraging.’


“The response is amazing and encouraging. I am taking note of every feedback on my YouTube channel and the other platforms that I share my music,” she told H-Metro.

One of the singles enjoying reviews is ‘Rise’ – a smooth Rn’B piece which is enticing from the offset.

She has also done covers for songs like ‘MuGarden’ and ‘Expectations.

Pixie has all the makings to be a force in music industry

Among Pixie’s strengths is her inimitable soft and sensual vocals which are a commanding centerpiece in most of her productions.

Since gracing the music industry two years ago, Pixie has proven her worth.

She is not just a pretty face with quality vocals, but has all the makings to be a force in music.

There is a lot to come from this aspiring artist who is promising to take over 2020.


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