Planning is now difficult-Amuli

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Planning is now difficult-Amuli Gift Amuli


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

Gift Amuli says the second wave of the Covid-19 infections has left his plans for 2021 in disarray.

The 46-year-old, who completed working on his eighth album titled Hurongerana during the festive season, said his team was still contemplating on holding a proper launch.


However, the new Covid-19 lockdown has put Amuli’s plan in disarray after he lost some of the people who wanted to sponsor his album launch.


“We are now in difficult times because we are no longer going ahead with the album as we have planned because of the outbreak of the coronavirus.


“As it stands right now, we will be guided by the health authorities on the correct steps to take because we are equally stuck.


“In my case, I’m still mourning while at the same period we are racing against time to give fans new stuff that have been waiting for a while,” he said.


The Zvishavane Sounds leader who recently dropped a steamy video to the single Chapera Muto, said they stand guidened by the health exports.


“The times we are in at the moment calls for one to be firm and adhere to what our health experts are telling us.


“What has made it worse is that we don’t know when this thing will end because we are really in trouble at the moment.


“We however remains faithful  and loyal to our fans  and businessman partners who have been there for us,” he said.


Amuli who boasts of a state of the art studio in Gweru has vowed to continue recording a number of upcoming artistes’ works.


“At the moment we are simply assisting a number of dancehall artistes to record their works in the best way we can.


“This is the only way I can give back to the community since most young artistes look up to me.


“While I’m busy assisting others, I won’t forget to do my own projects and the one which has been done is Hurongerana that we hope to launch next month if all go according to plan.


“We are still courting partners to assist is and launch it online as is the case right now,” he added.


However, it should be mentioned that it is his forth-coming album Hurongerana many of his fans have been waiting for.


Amuli’s much-anticipated album carries six well-knit songs namely Kamwe, Pasi Pemhino, Shami, Homwe, Woudza Ani, Padiki, Tisekewo and Mwari.


Besides Hurongerana due for release soon, Amuli is a consistent sungura artiste with a rich catalogue of hit songs.


Other albums comprise Wedangwe, Munombozvigona Sei?, By Ginya, Machena, Yave Munesu (Bhora Mberi), Masvingo among other singles.


Amuli is one of the seasoned sungura artistes who have been trying to reinvent the wheel to avoid monotony.




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