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24 October 2017

The recent conviction and sentencing of South African Kwaito star Sipho Charles Ndlovu, aka Brickz, on a rape charge has led to a very interesting, if not shocking, discussion on social media. Brickz’s wife, Nqobile, reportedly stood on the side of the rape victim throughout the trial, which has been ongoing for many years now. (The rape was committed in 2013).

While some commentators have commended Mrs Brickz for standing for justice, there is a section which feels that she is the typical example of a Judas (maybe a Judasess!), a wife who does not understand the “sacrosanct” wedding vows. Or rather someone who takes the vows for granted. This section of commentators says the pledge to stand together “til death do us part” includes times when your wife or husband is being persecuted or prosecuted, whether rightly or wrongly. They sight the Clinton example, where wife Hillary chose to stand with her husband, then president Bill, in his self-inflicted Monica Lewinsky scandal. Feminists went haywire castigating Hillary for not supporting “her own”. (As if her husband was not “her own” too)

At face value, the choice a spouse must make in such situations would seem straight forward, depending on the observer’s pedestal, yet it is a difficult one.

Ask a husband who has had to intervene to stop a fight between his wife and a small house. He will probably tell you of the difficulty of choosing who to defend. Late Sungura star, Marko Sibanda even captured it in the police station episode of his hit track, Jambanja PaHotera.

While TNT has reservations with standing in support of a rapist spouse, we are tempted to understand, and even support, the other scenarios. We honestly feel Hillary Clinton was not wrong.

And we feel that this other Norton husband of Gracious is right to stand by his wife in the face of leaked Whatsapp chats which expose her as a marital cheat. He is right only to the extent of refusing to make decisions based on Whatsapp chats. We differ with him on his vow to kill for her! Even Julius Malema, from across the Limpopo, where the Brickz news is trending, once said he was prepared to kill for uMsholozi. He now admits that was a wrong stance taken in the heat of the moment.

One trending article on Brickz explores whether we could have foretold his “other” streak from his lyrics. TNT, however, is convinced that Brickz would have stayed out of trouble had he listened to a fellow musician’s lyrics. Rap would have warned rape.

In his track called When I’m Gone, “rap god” Eminem asks some very important questions.

“Have you ever loved someone so much you’d give an arm for?
Not the expression, no, literally give an arm for?
When they know they’re your heart
And you know you were their armour
And you would destroy anyone who would try to harm her
But what happens when karma turns right around and bites you?
And everything you stand for turns on you to spite you?
What happens when you become the main source of her pain?”

He might have been addressing spousal relationships like the ones referred to earlier. But then he is an artist. And the good thing with art is you can interpret it in your own way.

We love the last question of the above Eminem flow. It has really gotten us thinking over the real meaning of having a family that stands by you, despite your circumstances. A family that will visit you in hospital even if your hospitalisation is self-induced. A guardian family that will love the children in its custody unconditionally.

We are sad to note that at least two Norton families do not fit that bill. To bastardise Eminem’s lyrics, they are the source of the children’s pain.

A few months ago, a young Norton woman killed her two young children. The grapevine says the woman’s mother played a significant role in that tragedy by constantly referring the children as “fatherless” whenever she had a quarrel with her daughter. The young woman then took the decision to kill them, probably to save them from further humiliation.

If you read H-Metro yesterday, you are already familiar with the case of another Norton family where the circumstances of the children has resulted in a horrifying case of child abuse. Well, what Collins and her sister have been going through at the hands of their maternal guardians has a root. And the root is the children’s circumstances.

They are the children of a single mother, who happens to be a daughter of the Mugwagwa family of Plot 7, Elstonhood Farm.
When the daughter decided to move to another country in the region to seek greener economic pastures, she felt it prudent to go with her two children. She must be a prophetess, for she foresaw how the children would live in her absence. Unfortunately, karma turned around to bite her (thanx Eminem!) and she has become the source of her children’s pain.

While on one of her crossborder sojourns, she fell sick in yet another regional country, where she is reportedly bed-ridden, battling for her life.

Back home, at Elstonhood farm, her family heard about her children’s plight, that they were staying alone in somewhere in the desert, under very difficult conditions, their mother bedridden in a neighbouring country. It is said well-wishers offered to move the children back to their mother’s motherland.

A description of their trip back to Zimbabwe will move you to tears, but the two children probably thought they were coming back home, yet not.

A story is told of parts of the long trip spent in vehicle luggage compartments, and under seats, all to escape law enforcement agents who would surely have prematurely ended the trip home.

Then, upon getting home, under the guardianship of their mother’s family, horror started. A rumour says the case that went to the courts last week is just a tip of an iceberg large enough to sink a Titanic.

And while TNT hears that Collins is now safe, what about her sister, the even more vulnerable girl-child? Still staying at the Plot of Horror, under the guardianship of convicted child abusers, what will those barbarians do to her? Or rather, what have they done to her already? What have they been doing to her? If nothing bad, fine.

But must the law wait for another freak accident at the school playground to then start investigating rumours of more abuse?

In case you did not know, Collin’s injuries were only discovered after one of his playmates kicked him on the backside during “baboon-play” (chikudo) at breaktime. So who will kick his sister, and when?
TNT leaves that as a challenge to the Elstonhood Farm community. Some of you probably know a lot about what happened, or is happening at the Plot of Horror. Alert the law. Save the girlchild.

Finally, the Plot Against TNT. Well, since this is still unfolding, we might not need to say much for now. Except maybe to give our dear readers a small update. A husband has been in touch with us, threatening Armageddon. Mayor is not a saint, and the bible is not a work of art. However, we pray that we are not blaspheming if we quote Luke 23:21 (KJV),…”For if they do these things to a green tree, what shall be done to the dry?”

TNT is wondering, if we are facing Armageddon for publishing snippets of the cheat chats, what then will happen to The ScrewDriver, who did the actual chatting? He must be afraid, very afraid.

Another matchday, another strange show. The match between Manyame and Pirates was not played because none of the teams brought a match ball. So where were they going? If the goal nets make the most damaging contact with a ball, Pirates can be forgiven because theirs has probably had the most contact with the said nets. But The Cops? They cannot tell TNT it was a strategy to avoid The Kop-Klopp fate because Pirates are no Tottenham.

Dudley Hall 1 Blackthorn 0; Garshelt 1 Koshen 0; Gushungo 3 Trackwide 1; Wireweavers 2 Guardian 1; Gatavi 1 Planet Shield 1; Country Feeds walked over Tamuka; Stantam walked over Marara.

Mayor, the author of The Norton Theory, is reachable on WhatsApp 0776367719, twitter @mayortoo3 and Instagram (umayorfuthi). You can also LIKE his Facebook page, The Norton TIMES.

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