Pokello launches ‘Nail Lacquer’

28 May, 2018 - 14:05 0 Views
Pokello launches ‘Nail Lacquer’


28 May 2018

QUEEN of swag and a socialite, Pokello Nare, has launched her nail gel called Pokello Nail Lacquer.

In an interview with H-Metro, Pokello said her gel is found in more than 120 colours.

“The name of my nail gel is called Pokello Nail Lacquer, it is a gel not a nail polish.

“My expectations from the gel is that I am introducing something new, it is a new concept made by an African woman a Zimbabwean woman.

“I am bringing about 120 colours so this is what is different from your regular nail polish that maybe have only 10 different colors.

“I have made the whole collection of 120 vibrant colors and the gel is manufactured in Hong Kong,” she said.

Pokello also told this publication some of the benefits of her gel.

“The advantages of this nail gel is that it does not chip or peel.

“It is not a regular nail polish that Zimbabwean women are used to that when you do laundry it peels off as compared to my nail gel in six weeks it will still look vibrant and clean.

“My gel polish is very affordable as compared to the rest of the gel polishes in the market because at a gel polish we are looking at your good OPI and gel polish range.

“If you compare my products with the rest of the international products on the market I am cheaper because one bottle of OPI gel polish usually goes for US$30.

“The nail gel come in a gift box of six colors of your choice that will last you up to two years so basically you will be getting one gel polish at an average of US$10 so it’s cheap.

“The pink gift box is my way of reminding every woman that there is a beautiful treasure within all of us, open it and experience the magic.”

She added:

“On the time I took to come up with this concept, I can say it is something that I have been working on for maybe 10 months now and I have taken eight months to do the research, to taste the product and to perfect the product.

“I have been trying out this gel polish on my own hands for eight months now and I have made sure I tried out different colours and I handpicked all the 120 colors myself.

“My main target with this nail gel are all woman, all ages as long as you love to get your manicure and pedicure done.”

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