Police accused of beating pupils

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Police accused of beating pupils


H-Metro Reporter

A FORM 3 pupil was left nursing an injured leg when he was allegedly beaten by police and had his hair cut for walking with a person who had dagga.Ryan

Ryan Kanyekanye has been struggling to walk since Friday as he is nursing a swollen leg while his back is also swollen after the alleged beating at St Mary’s Police Station.

“I was walking with my friend, who had dagga and police arrested him before also taking me to the station.

“There were four other pupils who had been picked.

“To my surprise my friend indicated to the police that I was clean but they beat me for befriending my colleague they had arrested,” said Kanyekanye.

He said the police used handcuffs, sticks and open hands to beat them.

“We were made to lie down as two police officers took turns to beat us.

“It pains me that my crime is walking along with a person who had dagga,” said Kanyekanye.

The boy’s mother said the children were taken to another room where they were beaten and laster returned.

“They were made to do press-ups and squats in our view at the station.

“I want my child to be treated and I don’t have the money for medical bills.

“Those who beat him should pay for his bills,” Mai Kanyekanye said.

Mai Kanyekanye yesterday said she went to the police station where she failed to get any assistance with one police officer telling her to foot medical bills for her son and claim the money later.

Harare Provincial Spokesperson, Inspector Tendai Mwanza said he had not yet received the report urging the victims to lodge complaint with St Mary’s Officer in Charge.

“I haven’t received such report yet. However, if there is anyone who is alleging police ill-treatment, please let that person feel free to approach the local officer in charge, or the Officer Commanding District or Province for assistance,” Insp Mwanza.

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