POLICE BOSS RAISES ALARM OVER DRUG ABUSE MENACE. . . Calls for urgent rehabilitation programmes

Arron Nyamayaro

COMMISSIONER General of Police, Godwin Matanga, has called for urgent drug rehabilitation programmes to be implemented to help those addicted to drugs.

Speaking at a briefing ceremony of the outgoing South Sudan United Nations Mission contingent, Comm-Gen Matanga highlighted the need for an increase in the media coverage of drug and substance abuse rehabilitation.

“As police, we applaud the media for their wide coverage of drug and substance abuse cases,” said Comm-Gen Matanga.

“Some of them get to the bottom of the cases in a well informed and researched position for the seriousness of these cases.

“If you may consider highlighting on the need for drug and substance rehabilitation so that those trained in that field help us in the shortest time.”

He added:

“The main aim of rehabilitation programmes is to give people the tools, skills and support they need to live a happy and fulfilled life following an illness, injury or addiction.

“A number of families, including prominent people, are not being spared from this menace.

“Kutingoti kana zvisati zvauya mumba mako hauzvinzwisise.

“Vana vedu varikuparadzwa nezvinodhaka ngatibatsirei ndapota.”

He said the United Nations peacekeeping mission bears testimony to the indelible footprints that the Zimbabwe Republic Police continues to leave on the international arena.

“During your tour of duty, you shall appreciate the devastating effects of war as well as its terrible consequences.

“Never should you lose sight of the fact that we have sent you to South Sudan to be ambassadors of the organisation and indeed of our great nation, Zimbabwe.

“You should thus shun all forms of behaviour that might bring our organisation and country into disrepute.

“It is, therefore, my conviction that you will perform to the best of your ability and in so doing continue to do the organisation and nation, proud,” said Comm-Gen Matanga.

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