Police on robbery, rape cases

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Police on robbery, rape cases Inspector Simon Chazovachii


Arron Nyamayar0, H-Metro Reporter

A Budiriro woman was raped in the presence of her seven-year-old son while another was gang raped while her husband watched.

The first rape case took place when the woman failed to find transport and the other when the couple’s vehicle developed a mechanical fault during the night.


Harare province police spokesperson, Inspector Simon Chazovachii confirmed the rape and robbery cases urging people to comply with curfew order and avoid falling prey to criminals.


“The Zimbabwe Republic Police would like to confirm receiving two cases of rape where one victim was gang raped in the presence of her husband and the other in the presence of her seven-year-old son,” said Insp Chazovachii.


“Circumstances were that in the first incident a woman disembarked from a truck along Simon Mazorodze Road in the company of her seven-year-old son at corner Willowvale Road at around 20:00hrs.


“She waited for transport to Budiriro and upon failing to find, it she decided to walk towards Mbare near ZBC.


“On her way an unknown person grabbed her handbag and she shouted for help and the accused person produced a knife and ordered her to be silent.


“She was dragged to a nearby maize field and her child cried and was also threatened with a knife and ordered not to cry.


“The woman was raped once without protection in the sight of her son.


“The accused person went on to search her handbag and went away with US$20, a white dress, her cellphone and a packet of tomatoes,” said Insp Chazovachii.


He also confirmed another incident where a woman was in the company of her husband at around 6pm when their vehicle developed a mechanical fault at Marimba when suddenly a gang of four people arrived and took turns to rape her.


Insp Chazovachii said another woman was robbed at gunpoint near Aspindale Park and lost her belongings that included two cellphones, US$2 and was physically assaulted.


“Circumstances were that the victim was given transport by a Mercedes Benz motorist who had other three men at the back seat at 19:00hrs,” said Insp Chazovachii.


“Upon arriving in Aspindale Park, one of the three occupants who were seated at the back pointed a gun at the woman and ordered her to surrender her belongings.


“As police we are urging people to plan their journeys in a way that they travel during the day as well as complying to curfew orders to avoid such incidences,” said Insp Chazovachii.

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