Police save female thieves + pics

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Police save female thieves + pics


29 November 2018

THREE female thieves were yesterday protected by the police from public wrath after they were caught stealing in a local boutique.

The women, who are believed to be part of a syndicate of thieves known as Santa Barbara in the CBD were caught after they had stashed three pairs of suits in their undergarments.

The crowd, which was mainly comprising of touts and workers in boutiques had to be stopped by the police from attacking the three women after they were caught.

“These women are criminals, we have lost a lot of our goods that we sell because of them and today we are happy that they have finally been caught.

“These three that were caught are not the only ones, they belong to a gang of six women called Santa Barbara.

“We knew them all along that they were thieves but they had never been caught before so we didn’t have evidence to get them arrested,” said one of the vocal women in the crowd.

The woman said if it wasn’t for the police the three women would have been bashed by the mob.

Few days ago these same women stole in the same shop and they left unnoticed.

“Some of the workers in that shop had their salary deducted after some suits went missing.

“I know most people are not happy that they were stopped by the police from beating them up.

“If the police had not rescued them I believe that they could have even died from assault,” she said.

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