Police warn against domestic violence

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Police warn against domestic violence


Desmond Munemo, H-Metro Reporter

Police have warned against domestic violence cases leading to serious injuries, deaths and breakdown of the family unit.

The warning comes after a spate of violence cases were reported countrywide.

In a statement issued by the police, a Mt Darwin man stabbed his wife 15 times with a knife after a domestic dispute over claims of infidelity.

“After realising that his wife had died, it is believed that the man drank rat poison and his body was found with a stab wound on the rib cage.

“A glass of suspected poison was also found in the house and the bodies of deceased were referred to Mt Darwin Hospital mortuary for post-mortem,” read the statement.

In a related case in Bulawayo, another woman Alice Chigwida was charged with attempted murder after scalding her husband David Chitagu with a pot of boiling water after he forgot to pick her up from church.

Bulawayo acting police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the incident.

“Chigwida is said to have waited for Chitagu to fall asleep before boiling water and pouring it all over his body.

“Chigwida feared that he would die on their matrimonial bed.

“She helped him into their car and went to dump him at a surgery in the city before telling his relatives that he was in hospital.

“The man is recovering at a local hospital and domestic violence cases are on the increase which often result in serious injuries, death and breakdown of the family unit,” reads part of the statement.

The police also confirmed a violent incident of a couple in Plumtree who have been arraigned before the courts for physically abusing a mentally challenged person who is under their care.

“The accused would tie the complainant onto a scotch cart to restrain her during alleged violent episodes,” said the statement.

Police said they are urging members of the public to seek counselling with a view to resolve their problems amicably and desist from unnecessary violence, which has caused loss of life throughout the country.


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