Polio vaccination to resume

H-Metro Reporter

THE Ministry of Health and Child Care, along with its partners, will be conducting the fourth round of polio vaccination from October 10-13 across Zimbabwe’s 10 provinces. 

This comes after the detection of the disease among children in neighbouring countries last year. 

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), children under the age of five years are at high risk of getting this disease. 

The Government is working with six other countries in the region to conduct similar vaccination campaigns to protect children. 

All children under five years of age, regardless of their polio vaccination status, should be vaccinated for increased protection. 

Newborn babies will also be vaccinated during the campaign. 

Vaccinations will be conducted at various locations, including health facilities, schools, markets, churches, bus stations, and all other meeting places.

The first round of polio vaccination was conducted from October 27-30 last year, with the second being done from December 1-4 followed by the third round from May 23-26.

The Ministry’s Health E Programme on Immunisation (EPI) said polio is a dangerous disease that can cause paralysis or death in children. 

“Protect your child by having them vaccinated against polio. Health workers will visit homes to vaccinate all children below five years even if they have received the vaccine in previous rounds,” the Ministry said.

Zimbabwe is collaborating with six other countries in the region (Burundi, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Tanzania and Zambia) in conducting similar vaccination campaigns.”

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