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. . . Row after first wife takes back her property

Arron Nyamayaro, H-Metro Reporter

A 25-YEAR-OLD polygamous man on Thursday clashed with two of his three wives over taking their property to his first wife in Epworth.

Munashe Mapiye, a gold panner, was reported to have handed a token of divorce to his first wife only identified as Memory.

Munashe Mapiye

Memory demanded the sharing of property and Mapiye led the former and her brother to two of his wives Chipo Munemo, 29, and Ashley Kachiwara, 19, and collected part of their properties claiming that they belong to the first wife.


Irked by the move, his third wife Kachiwara lodged a police report against Mapiye leading to his arrest.

Chipo Munemo

Mapiye was detained at Epworth police station and is facing assault, theft of trust property and attempted murder charges.


Mapiye said his differences with his three wives forced some of his relatives to report previous cases.

Ashley Kachiwara and Chipo Munemo

“Ndiripanguva yakaoma wangu nekuti ndakambotengesa motokari yamdara wangu vekuMarondera last year saka nyaya yacho yamutsidzirwa nekuda kwemudzimai wangu mudiki andisungisa,” said Mapiye.


“One of my sisters wanted to stand with her and I assaulted her and she has been rushed to hospital.

Munashe Mapiye

“As for the properties it’s true that I took part of them since they belonged to my first wife.


“I divorced my first wife and her brother came with his company vehicle demanding their property that is why I led them to my other wives’ houses.


“The two wives are all expecting uyu mudiki uyu ndakamuroora February this year and I paid US$1500 cash but she is the one who lodged a police report against me.


“Kana ndiwewo ndichagarisana naye sei achimutsisa nyaya dzakadai.


“Uyu andipa sadza ndiye wechipiri asi handisati ndamubvisira roora asi vese vanemimba,” said Mapiye.


Provincial police spokesperson could not be reached for comment by the time of going to press. However, H-Metro is reliably informed that Mapiye is expected to appear in court today.

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