Poor attendance hits Jazz 24/7

26 May, 2017 - 15:05 0 Views
Poor attendance hits Jazz 24/7


26 May 2017

ONE of the capital’s watering holes – Jazz 24/7 (formerly Jazz 105) – has been hit by a string of poorly attended shows.

It appears Suluman Chimbetu’s home-coming show was the only show which attracted a full house with the rest being flops.

Kireni Zulu was the last to be affected when he was forced to cancel his show at the last minute.

“This venue is a very good place as it is central to both our fans who drive and now the new owners here need to be more serious about us.

“The owners don’t even market our shows here, we are tired of flops, posters need to be put all over town.

“Fliers need to be delivered to all venues so as to catch all our fans. I have so many children in my band who need to go back home today and how will I take them back home empty handed,” fumed Kireni.

He added:

“It takes two to make a show, the venues must market these shows like all venues. The band members need a lots of money for transport before they could make it here.

“If a fan comes, he or she leaves only three or five dollars by the gate and the rest by the counter.

“Imagine if the fan comes with at least $20, it means $15 will be for beers.”

Contacted for comment, Jazz 24/7 general manager Johanes Muchadenyika said:

“I wouldn’t want to compare Jazz 105 with Jazz 24/7 because definitely we existed in different time frames and economies.

“I don’t know what criteria they are using to compare the two. I really need to know.

“Let me put it on record, all shows at this venue are marketed on line, we have a WhatsApp group, Facebook and Instagram pages and radio.

“What better means do you want us to market you, if you want the analog-poster way its fine, you can do it on your own.

“What exactly are they saying when they say we are not marketing their shows, defiantly these artists are being complacent, artists must prove themselves that they have a following, it’s not all about us club managers, where are the artists’ managers?

“Many artists are flocking here week in week out for a chance to play here, but they need to prove themselves that they have a following who will then follow them and finally buy our beer, this is business.

“It’s not just about artistes being given our venue and playing, they must reciprocate by putting effort, just the privilege to play here at Jazz 24/7 is enough,” said Johanes .

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