Mangaliso Kabulika 

THE second edition of Pop Culture Explosion is set for August.

The event is a platform where poets from the country’s provinces gather and showcase their skills in wordplay for a prize.

It is also a fusion of music, dance and painting and how these genres of arts and culture complement each other in shaping the contemporary Zimbabwean story.

Lennox Gondo, the organiser of the Explosion said this year’s event will witness an expansion of poets across the country.

Last year it only focused on those in Harare.

He also called upon stakeholders in the arts and culture industry to collaborate in promoting a culture where every type of art is celebrated and recognised.

“We recognised the need to embrace everyone and to send a message out there that the industry is not for those in the capital city to celebrate only.

“We have also opened the door to showcase the diversity within our country as it deserves to be celebrated and recognised.

“The poetry industry is slowly penetrating into our local pop culture and we are grateful of the strides it has made this far regardless of it being considered a less selling and complex genre of art to invest in.

“We call upon all artists to register and be part of shaping a new movement in our country,” said Lennox.

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