Porovhoka hits one million views

14 Jan, 2021 - 08:01 0 Views
Porovhoka hits one million views Jah Prayzah


Tendai Mapfumo, Entertainment Reporter

JAH Prayzah’s latest video Porovhoka has reached one million views on YouTube four weeks and 48 hours after its release.

The award-winning musician shared the news on his social media platforms after yet another milestone.


The post read: “4 weeks and 48 hours later, ONE MILLION VIEWS and still number one trending. Team JP you are special always #porovhoka” Porovhoka was released on December 14 last year with captivating visuals that were produced by Vusa Blaqs.


The song has been a hit among many as it is all about letting loose and merrymaking. Jah Prayzah, who plays the role of a pilot, is captured partying the night away with flight attendants.


So hectic is the partying that the crew fails to wake up on time, delaying their master who then calls and tells them not to provoke him, explaining the song’s name.


It was the perfect song for the festive season. Jah Prayzah took time to celebrate this achievement with his fans on social media, who were rallying behind him showing their support and expressing how much they love his music.


Here are some of the comments from his fans on his Facebook page: “We love your music here in Japan .


We even replaced the last verse of our National anthem with your Porovhoka lyrics.” – Fan.


“U are the reason why I left my job, I wanted to stay at home full time so that I focus more on your songs without being provoked. #tovhairafani#kuna Jah P ndiko kwatinoenda#musandiporovhoke.” – Fan.


“Kudos to the musician for all of his achievements.” – Fan.

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