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Rest Mutore, Entertainment Reporter

TRADITIONAL music exponent Portia Gwanzura and former ally Progress Chipfumo are back together to ‘revive’ the Hohodza Band.

They have since released a single – Ndinoda Kumbofara – their first in 20 years and Gwanzura described it as a teaser to what fans should expect.


Gwanzura, who is now based in the United Kingdom, told H-Metro that they have since started working on other projects which will released in due course.


She hinted on ‘big’ reunion gig if the Covid-19 pandemic recedes or they will have to it virtually.


“I’m very happy and excited to be working with progress again. The arrangement at the moment is just to record as many songs as possible then release later. This will then be followed by a big reunion show but details will be announced.


“Yes, you are going to see Hohodza back together which will be both new and some of the old members as well,” said Gwanzura.


“It was suggested by some of our senior die-hard fans and we both agreed that it’s the best way forward.


“Personally I did not do any music since 2006 but only started last year during the first lockdown. Since then I’ve now released five singles and the latest one (6th one) is the first with Progress in 20 years,” she added.


Gwanzura said the reunion will see some of the members who worked with the group coming on board.


She believes working with Chipfumo again will bring back the good old days of Hohodza band, which became one of the formidable forces in the local music industry.


“I am based in Manchester, United Kingdom and have been working privately in sales. I’m confident this will work out with myself, our very talented Progress Chipfumo and other remaining members of the group,” she said.


Gwanzura said the reunion also quashes rumours that she has bad blood with Chipfumo.


She said she is the one who discovered Chipfumo and incorporated him into the band before he decided to go solo.


“Progress is part of my family, he joined Hohodza band when he was still a child and learnt everything here.


“I gave him the chance and opportunity and he developed to a big musician, to a big guitarist like the one he is today.


“I am also so happy that I am the one who found the talent. To clear the air as well, there is a lot rumour that I fired him from the band. That is not true, Progress left the band because he had matured.


“That is common and if you look at people like Alick Macheso, he came through Nicholas Zakaria. That how it works, Progress left the band because he wanted to go solo. And now that he is back, I have welcomed him with open arms and we will work together, I will carry on from where we left and there is never a problem between me and Progress,” she said.


She said they have been in touch with Chipfumo and are recording new music through the internet.


“When he came here to the UK, around 2014 he came to my house and he stayed over with his friends. We are in touch and we are working together and I am happy we are back to where it started. Things are okay, things are back to normal, I will try my level best and the sky is the limit.


“We are recording some the songs here, and we send to Zimbabwe and Progress put his touch and vice versa. Everything is going on perfectly,” said Gwanzura.

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