Potraz promotes letter writing in schools

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Potraz promotes letter writing in schools DG Machengete


26 November 2018

Roy accompanied by headmaster receiving his prizes from Deputy Minister Muswere

A HOLY Cross High School student received a gold shield, cash and a hamper from Post and Telecommunication Regulatory Authority at the belated World Post Day held at Kotwa on Friday for coming first in the 2018 National Letter Writing Competition.

Roy Mapiravana went home with $1200 cash, hamper worth $100 and a gold shield he received from Potraz for his letter titled ‘Imagine you are a letter travelling through time what message would you convey to the world’.

His letter is now among the 192 letters from various countries under the Universal Postal Union submitted to the headquarters in Switzerland for the International Letter Writing Competition.

Muswere and Munzverengi

Roy’s school, Holy Cross High received library books worth a thousand dollars and ten laptops.

Runyararo Zhou of Howard High School, who came second, received a silver shield, $900 cash and hamper worth $75 while his school received nine laptops and library books worth $750.

Munyaradzi Nomailinga of Fletcher High School received a bronze shield, $500 cash and a hamper worth $600 while his school received five laptops.

Potraz director general Gift Machengete handed over 30 computers to be shared by three Mudzi district schools, Kotwa High, Muzezuru High and Nyamakuya High Schools.

In his remarks, Machengete said Postal Services were significant to people’s way of life as they form the nucleus of human communication.

“As we mark World Post Day today, let us celebrate trust, reliability and security as the trademark of postal services worldwide,” said DG Machengete.

Sulumani performing

“Let us celebrate the postmen and postwomen who carried all the sorrows and all the joys. All the worries and all the hopes.

“Letters have changed the world, shaped the world, created bonds, ignited love…. Letters have brought us to where we are today and all thanks to the Posts.

Nyamakuya High School choir

“The posts have stood the test of time and I have no doubt the Posts will survive for posterity.

“Postal Services started as way back as 500 BC with the delivery of the first letter which was written out at war.

“The stamped letter we have today came into being in the reign of Queen Victoria in 1840 and up to this day people are still writing letters,” said DG Machengete.

DG Machengete

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