PPC imaginarium unlocks artists’ mind

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PPC imaginarium unlocks artists’ mind


8 February 2018

PPC Imaginarium has brought the art of cement to Zimbabwe with the help of National Gallery of Zimbabwe (NGZ).

The company has a series of workshops lined up in the three major cities.

The Harare workshop ended on Tuesday and will be taking place for two days in Mutare then lastly, Bulawayo.

Fashion designers, jewellers, visual artists and ceramicists came through for the theory and practical lessons.

NGZ Acting director Raphael Chikukwa applauded the new addition to the art scene.

“The workshop is going to get people here present into something new and important.

“This is historic as it’s the first time, it is my hope that the workshop will be of assistance to the artists.

The company brought its well-known architect, Daniel van de Merwe and Damien Grivas who took artists through the necessary steps.

“The primary aim of the Imaginarium is to promote, guide, profile and support emerging artists.

“The Imaginarium is our way of giving back to the artistic community and also saying that we are part of a community where we look after each other.

“I believe every physical manifestation begins with a thought, PPC has been in Zimbabwe for 105 years; we have assisted the development of Africa,” Daniel said.

The team put emphasis on the use of cement outside of the usual construction and gave artists a dose of inspiration with DIY videos and a slideshow of South African PPC Imaginarium competition finalists.

The competition’s 2017-2018 entries closed on January 31 and it was revealed that the judging process will begin in April.

Since the company was accommodated by NGZ they said they will be holding their inaugural exhibition and Award Ceremony there.

“We want to show you some of the stuff that people are doing around the world with concrete.

“When you think of concrete you think of dams, bridges and boring grey buildings but in the past 20 years it has become so much more than that.

“I am encouraging a spirit of playfulness when working with it because a lot of times my failures have been my biggest teachers,” Damien told the artists.

PPC Imaginarium winners will be awarded R100 000, R50 000, R15 000 and will be promoted through different mediums so as to help them reach their full potential.

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