‘Pray for bitterness, hate’

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‘Pray for bitterness, hate’ Marlion Svuure


Hastings Chiromo, Entertainment Reporter
Gospel singer Marlion “Svubs” Svuure says there is need to pray for the spirit of bitterness and hate amongst people as love has been lost.
The South Africa based singer has realised that many people are living in bitterness and hate due to different life circumstances.

“It is my desire to see people loving one another regardless of backgrounds.

“I have realised that gone are the days we used to real love from different people but people have a lot of problems within their souls and that has seen bitterness.

“A lot of hatred is everywhere, no more real love, it is because of different circumstances people are going through.
“So my music is a prayer for that spirit of bitterness and hate.

“In June, I dropped a song, Kutsanyira Vavengi (Fasting people) which talks about maintaining social distance with toxic people.

“People who pretend to smile at you and yet deep inside they are full of hatred,” he said.

Added Svuure:

“I have another recent song, Jehovha Munondigonera which is being received well by different fans.

“I am receiving good feedback from people and that is encouraging.

“People are calling encouraging me to press on the music is carrying message of hope and gratitude to the almighty for the protection he renders to us.”

He said he got his inspiration from Michael Mahendere, Mathias Mhere, Takesure Zama among other gospel greats.

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