Arron Nyamayaro

ZIM DANCEHALL musician, Master H, has fallen out with a dancer over claims that he is responsible for her pregnancy.

Master H, whose real name is Hillary Marufu, is denying the claims that he impregnated a dancer only known as Lisa.


Their relationship has been going on for five years and their differences started when she told him that she was pregnant and he was responsible.

Lisa told H-Metro she is pregnant and Hillary has blocked her.

“I am pregnant and Hillary is responsible,” said Lisa.

“He blocked my contact numbers after I informed him about the pregnancy and is avoiding meeting me.

“Instead, he is posting another lady on his profiles as a way of throwing egg on my face.”

Master H told H-Metro he was not responsible for the pregnancy although he confirmed that he had been intimate with the dancer on several occasions.

“This girl is after tarnishing my image,” he said.

“We had been doing it without protection for quite some time but she never conceived.

Akandiramba saka ndakazomunyararira, akutanga iyezvino kuti ndinemimba.

“Mimba yacho yaakatesta ega?

“She asked for separation so she must not bother me anymore.”

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