Pregnant women are fragile

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Pregnant women are fragile


MANY days, we carry reports of domestic violence against women. Many marriages have abusive husbands, men who never think of the effects of their actions on these women and the children.
When the woman being assaulted is pregnant the abuse becomes even more cruel because of the obvious physical and biological changes expecting women go through.

Pregnant women deal with the not-so-comfortable symptoms of pregnancy like headaches, tender breasts, nausea and lower backaches – things that are not so easy to deal with on your own. One would naturally need the support of a husband when pregnant.

Some pregnant women vomit a lot and suffer from lack of appetite causing severe dehydration at the start of their pregnancies. Such situations can even be life threatening and when they are physically abused, the threat on their life and that of the child is greater.

A pregnant woman needs so much love, care and support from everyone around her and the last thing they would want is to have the person who is supposed to be loving her physically abusing her.

The stress related to all these things happening in a woman’s life could lead to a premature labour or even miscarriage if the blood pressure levels get too high because of stress.

It is a gross violation of the principles upon which marriage is built to physically abuse a pregnant woman, or any woman for that matter, and should never be condoned.

Both marriage parties shall stay true to each other and must not break the vows they made or the principle of faithfulness and love upon which any other marriage is built.

Husbands who physically abuse their wives could never have an explanation for their violent attack of their wives.

Whatever the wife did, and it does not matter how many times she has done so, violence is never the answer to these problems.

One mistake in a physical confrontation can turn the husband into a murderer and the fact that the lady had insulted or cheated on him is certainly no defence. Murder is murder, regardless of the wrong the other person would have done.

Peaceful efforts to try and mend relationship problems usually bear fruit.

But soon after the first talks hit a brick wall, husbands resort to violence and end up on the police wanted list.

Instead of one, they have two problems (a problematic wife and a brush with the law) and are in a worse off position than they were after problems emanated.

Men, especially, must realize that violence is not a solution to any problem they may have with their wives. Reports of domestic violence dominate the media and range amongst the popular at the magistrates courts largely because of men who think violence is a remedy.

In the majority of cases, domestic violence is the main catalyst towards the collapse of marriages and women and children are usually the victims.

Married people should spare a moment for the children in particular, as they (children) resemble the grass underneath two elephants’ battle ground.

Fighting between parents, even before a breakup, causes a lot of emotional stress to the children and this develops a violent attitude in the children as well.

Research shows that children who grow up in violent homes are likely to turn into violent marriage mates themselves.
Married people should just avoid violent conduct.

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