President to the rescue

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President to the rescue


Fiona Ruzha, H-Metro Reporter

PRESIDENT Mnangagwa yesterday handed over medical equipment to the Ministry of Health and Child Care with the aim of re-capacitating hospitals in the country.

Following complaints by doctors over poor equipment and unavailability of medication, the Government managed to purchase 85 percent of what is needed to ease the situation in hospitals.

President Mnangagwa handed over equipment which included infant incubators (36), multiparameter monitors for adults (50), multiparameter monitors for paeds (30), operating theatre tables electric (10), operating theatre tables hydraulic (10), EEG electroencephalography machine portable (20), respiratory aid ventilator (10), video endoscopy set (5), video colonoscopy (5), ICU ventilators adult (5), ICU ventilators paeds (5), x-ray machines mobile (4), and anaesthetic machines (10).

Speaking during the event President Mnangagwa said his Government will give more priority to the health sector.

“There was a group of doctors who came to air their concerns in terms of the working conditions and the challenges they were facing in hospitals.

“So I promised them that despite lack of resources, I will do my best to source the equipment we want and less than three months ago they submitted a list of the equipment and medication.

“Today (yesterday) I am glad to say we have managed to purchase 85 percent of what they had asked for, plus, and the first phase of the equipment is the one displayed here.

“More equipment is still coming and all thanks to the doctors for their courage.

“I believe it is going to benefit several hospitals and honestly as a Government we must give priority to the health sector because it is equally important that our people are health,” he said.

President Mnangangwa urged members in the health sector to be accountable and shun corruption.

“I want to plead that all equipment and medication should reach their final destinations and I do not want to hear stories like the ones we always hear about missing drugs.”

He also said the Government was working on making sure that children and elderly people get free access to areas of cancer and dialysis.

“What we have not achieved which I think is necessary is that as we go forward we should make more liberal policies towards giving or allowing access to health services.

“I think children and older people should have free access to health services in the area of cancer and dialysis.

“As resources continue to improve we can continuously lower the ages so that more and more of our people should have access to the services,” he said.

Since last year December doctors have held many strikes complaining about poor infrastructure, aging equipment as well as shortage of drugs.

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