Mangaliso Kabulika

AWARD-WINNING dance duo, Jewelx and Trap, have challenged the Ministry of Sports, Recreation, Arts and Culture to prioritise the dance industry.

They say there is a lot of untapped talent crying out for a helping hand in this country.

Jewelx said:

“We believe that dance is an art form that deserves equal recognition and support from the Ministry, just like music does.

“We have seen first-hand how investing in music has yielded positive results and we believe that dance deserves the same level of attention.”

Trap, the other half of the dynamic duo, highlighted the significance of a supportive ecosystem that embraces dance as an integral part of the arts.

“There is a need for initiatives such scholarships, grants and mentorship programmes to empower emerging dancers and foster a vibrant and sustainable dance community.

“We want an environment where we use community halls to mentor emerging dancers so as for them not to feel demotivated about their passion,” said Trap.

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