Prison inmates beg for more

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Prison inmates beg for more


Arron Nyamayaro recently in Bindura

OCHESTRA Dendera Kings frontman Suluman Chimbetu held a memorable show to raise funds for Bindura Prison inmates last Friday.

Suluman who is the brand ambassador for Zimbabwe Prison and Correctional Services was accompanied by Simon Mutambi led local artistes in performing at Tendai Hall for a good cause.

The show followed a tour by Suluman to three prison holding cells – Chawagona, Pednor and Bindura – where he was touched by the poor living conditions he witnessed.

Among the challenges that touched Sulumani were the two toilets within two of the holding cells and an exposed to sun kitchen and bad pots used to prepare their food.

“My visit here was to identify talents among the inmates so that I help them in recording their music since I have a mobile recording studio,” said Suluman.

“During the tour I was touched by some of the challenges being faced by the inmates and I agreed with Simon Mutambi in leading artists based in Mashonaland Central to raise money to improve some of the holding cells structures.

“Prisons have taken a new direction apart from taking punitive measures to inmates into correcting them so some of the holding cells and conditions need to be improved from the colonial structures,” he said.

Musical groups led by Suluman and Mutambi included The Way band, Farai Tambai, Fire Force Band and the one led by an ex-convict Munyaradzi Chiyonika popularly known as Agwabada with his hit song he penned during incarceration Midzimu mangamandirasa.


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