Arron Nyamayaro

A ZIMBABWE Prisons and Correctional Service officer is in trouble for receiving US$3 from a suspect’s wife at the Harare Magistrates Court on Friday.

The officer, only identified as Dzamara, was spotted by ZPCS internal security officers receiving US$3 from an unidentified woman.

Dzamara claims the woman wanted her to hand over the money to the suspect, who wanted to use it for his personal interests.

The officer had a number of names inscribed on her hand.

Each name was the identity of the person who was going to hand her an assortment of goods meant for those who were in remand prison.

Dzamara was dragged out of the court premises and was interrogated over her ‘unprofessional’ conduct.

The interrogations drew the attention of many people, including an H-Metro crew.

Ndinokumbira kuti ndifonere murume wangu auye ndapota,” said Dzamara.

“The woman had pleaded for help and I could not ignore her.”

She was then led by two female officers, in plain clothes, to a ZPCS truck.

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