Prisoners fear cholera

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Prisoners fear cholera


14 September 2018

Prisoners at Guruve Prison are currently in a vulnerable situation and risk contracting cholera and typhoid as their ablution facilities are not conducive for good health.

The prison, which has a large catchment area, contains convicts from most places surrounding Guruve.

Speaking to Emmanuel Nyamudo (36), a prisoner who was convicted for theft of tobacco creeps, he said on behalf of other prisoners that it’s a situation that needs the most attention.

“It’s been two months since I was convicted and sent to this prison and ever since and before then, the prison has always had the challenge of dirty toilets.

“There is not much we can do about it, if we had the resources I’m sure we could better the situation ourselves.

“The toilets stink and are messy. We heard rumours that there is a cholera outbreak in the country and honestly we are really scared of what it will do to us if one of us in here happens to contract the disease,” he said.

The officer-in-charge Superintendent Joseph Ndlovu agreed that the ablution facilities were a challenge.

“Plenty of times we have tried constructing blair toilets here and there but we are running out of space.

“I am appealing to any well-wishers out there who would like to help us counter this problem.

“We have had some people help us build a toilet but we decided to lock it because the pump we have is too small so it can’t pump water to the toilets,” he said.

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