Prisoners get books

17 May, 2019 - 13:05 0 Views
Prisoners get books Lawrence Mashonganyika receives books from Joseph Nyamunda



Shalom Manguni, H-Metro Reporter

AN ex-police officer serving time for rape at Harare Central Prison yesterday hailed a business consultant for the donation of text books to inmates.

Speaking on behalf of inmates, Lawrence Mashonganyika (36) said the donation by Joseph Nyamunda was unique and important since a lot of people donate food and clothes.

“A lot of people who often come here to donate bring us food, but you have empowered us for a life time.

“It’s a good thing to give people a fishing rod than just to give them fish.

“I’m thankful for this donation because I heard him saying that these books will help us start and nurture our businesses,” he said.

Mashonganyika commended services offered at Harare Central Prison especially in the education sector.

“We are being prepared for a life after prison, especially in terms of starting businesses.

“Donating books was a good initiative because these books are going to help a lot of people even after a decade.

“For us to keep on going forward in learning I would appreciate if well-wishers donate more text books, laptops and even paying school fees for some inmates here who struggle,” he added.

He pleaded with the society to support them and not to reject them.

“It is the right time for us to be transformed and do things for the better.

“The society sometimes rejects us but when we come out of prison please receive us, support us and help us.

“We are no longer the same people we used to be, we have been transformed, rehabilitated and now we are ready to be reintegrated, ” he said.

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