PROBABLY THE MOST POPULAR TEACHER IN THIS COUNTRY. . . her deployment to another Grade sparks parents demo at school

Arron Nyamayaro

THE parents with children who attend Warren Park 6 Primary School have protested against the decision of the headmistress to redeploy a Grade 6 teacher, identified only as Zulu, to teach Grade 3s next year.

They want to know why the head, Mrs Nyamushamba, reassigned Zulu to teach Grade 3s, from the beginning of next year.

The parents told H-Metro they fear Zulu’s reassignment will affect the performance of their children in Grade 7 exams next year.

They said Zulu should continue teaching their children in Grade 7, since she produced good results with them in Grade 6.

“Our children did not perform well in Grade 5, but Zulu produced good results with them in Grade 6,” said one of the parents.

“We learnt from an end-of-year WhatsApp appreciation group that she will not be with our kids next year.

“She did wonders to improve the grades of our children and we want continuity for good Grade 7 results.

“We want the headmistress to explain her reasons for allocating her a Grade 3 class when she did well with our Grade 6 children,” said the parent.

Nyamushamba promised to consider their request and discuss it with district education officials.

She clarified that the allocation of teachers was her responsibility and not the parents’ and assured them that she would work with them for the best results.

“Allocation of teachers is done by me and not parents. I want to believe that the teacher in question did not influence parents to confront me over this planned reassignment.

“My job is to supervise the teachers and allocate them classes accordingly for best results.

“I will meet my seniors and inform them about your concerns and bring feedback,” said Nyamushamba.

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