Producer dreams big

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Producer dreams big Liberty Mazibiye


Praise Masvosva

A ZIMBABWEAN music producer plying his trade in Mozambique reckons he will have a massive breakthrough,Liberty Mazibiye, who is based in Maputo, is also a gospel musician and schoolteacher by profession.

“I am based here in Mozambique and I am a music producer as well as a gospel artist. My wish is to win souls through music and I want people back home to know that I am a versatile artist who fuses gospel with other genres.

“I am creating a unique sound which I believe will win the hearts of many here in Mozambique and back home (Zimbabwe),” he said.

Outlining his vision, Mazibiye said he was determined to conquer.

“I am so much into music and I am ready to go out of my way only to make sure I reach my goals. I am deeply in love with music and I can sacrifice my time and resources. The road is not smooth but I am trying by all means possible to come up with interesting music. I also want to become a force to reckon in the music circles.”

The  Oliver Mtukudzi-inspired entertainer said he wants to have an impact locally and internationally.

“Look Mtukudzi did it, why not me?

“I will excel in producing music and also in singing. I am actually producing a unique sound which I believe will certainly take me to another level.

“I am confident I will win the hearts of many through my offering.”

Mazibiye said he misses interaction with fellow artists and producers.

“Home is always the best, I am missing my fans and also holding shows in Zimbabwe. Financial constraints are also hindering my progress.

“I have a lot on my mind but due to financial challenges I can’t fulfill all that I need to do. Right now, I am opening a new market and I really need to market our music, culture and language.”

He added: “I have recently opened a recording studio to give myself more time in the studio.

“Having my own studio has opened a room for me to spend more time in the studio, opening room for creativity and also cutting costs.” 

He has been working with several artists from Mozambique and other countries.

He has more than 40 songs to his credit and he is working on his debut album titled ‘‘Zvakazarurwa,’’ due for release soon.

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