Producer’s tribute to Mashurugwi victims

27 Jan, 2020 - 13:01 0 Views
Producer’s tribute to Mashurugwi victims



Nyasha Kada

Popular music producer, Big Dhara Ziggy, has come up with a new dancehall riddim titled MaShurugwi in honour of the Machete gans victims across the country.

The hardcore dancehall production set for release early February is expected to feature an array of dancehall artistes from several mining towns around the country.

It will also feature some top chanters in the genre.

In an interview, Big Dhara Ziggy said the riddim compilation is a dedication to the victims that have been affected by the machete gang.

“The Mashurugwi incident has affected so many people and families and it has been a sad story to hear that innocent people have lost their lives.

“The MaShurugwi riddim is all about paying tribute to the victims and also giving a call to the higher authorities’ in the country to do something about this issue that has become a menace to society.

“The killing and butchering has to stop and society does not to live in fear again,” he said.

Big Dhara Ziggy added:

“There is need for artistes to voice up to issues that affect our society and this year I am going to be working more on such productions.

“The MaShurugwi riddim is a hard core production, what others know as helmet music.

“I decided to make it hard core because such difficult issues and I was just trying to bring out the devastation such experiences to society and country at large.”

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