‘Promote grassroot sport’

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‘Promote  grassroot sport’


Shelly Guni, Sports Reporter

THE 1980 Zimbabwe women’s national field hockey team Olympics gold medalists have emphasised the need to promote the sport from grassroots.

Christine Hislop, Anthea Stewart and Sarah English shared their views on how sport in Zimbabwe has been evolving, from their Golden Girls era, Kirsty Coventry winning medals at major events, including the Olympics, the Mighty Warriors qualication to the Olympics as well as the netball team’s participation at the Netball World Cup in 2019.

Speaking on the sudelines of a walkthon event that was organised by the Ministry of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation as they celebrate women’s month, Stewart said more should be done for the development of sport in the country.

“We had a very nice infrastructure in that we do sport at school level and that is what put us ahead.

“We are hockey players and we learnt that in junior school then we played competitive in senior school and went to university.

“And that sport is not carried in the same way anymore maybe because its difficult for the school programme but that was our success.

“Kirsty Coventry is a very good swimmer that is because she learnt to swim at school level. And as long as we put an emphasis on the sports development at junior school and school level we will produce many more brilliant sports people,” she said.

Another golden girl, Sarah English said they feel honoured to be remembered even after four decades of their participation at the historic Summer Olympics.

“It’s now four decades. It is a wonderful opportunity, we were well supported by the people in Zimbabwe.

“To get to the Olympics was nothing ironic. Any of us ever dreamed of to play hockey at the Olympics and to actually win a medal.

On a day like today and for people to still remember is very humbling for us and very precious memory. I’m very grateful to be Zimbabwean.”

Hislop believes their history-making team set a good example for sport in the country.

“I think we would to think we set a good example and encouraged all the people that came after us to try and aspire and do the same and try and achieve in whatever they might be in.”

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