Tanaka Mahanya

INFORMATION, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister, Monica Mutsvangwa, has urged Zimbabweans in the diaspora to follow the example of the True Zimbabwe Tour, a delegation of journalists and media personalities, who are promoting the country’s brand.

The delegation is drawn from SADC countries.

Minister Mutsvangwa praised the contributions of the diaspora to Zimbabwe’s economy, particularly through their skills in the international labour market and foreign currency remittances.

She encouraged further contributions to sectors such as mining, agriculture and tourism. She also highlighted the role of media in promoting democracy and national unity, and encouraged Zimbabweans to take responsibility for promoting peace in the upcoming elections.

“You will all recall that the diaspora is a demographic sample of Zimbabwe’s intellectual endowment.

“Our skills in the international labour market have been a main source of foreign currency remittances. 

“Beyond that meaningful contribution to the economy, I encourage our diaspora to also extend their contribution by partaking in mining, agriculture, tourism, and many other strategic sectors.”

She added:

“The timing for this media diplomacy exercise is appropriate, given the generous spotlight on our nation owing to the elections’ euphoria permeating our land.

“Therefore, the principal role of my Ministry is to break the polarisation that has been imposed on our society by the whims of adversity and promote cohesion and national unity. 

“I encourage Zimbabweans to take charge of their contribution to peace and harmony in the forthcoming elections. 

“We all have an obligation to unity and peace in contributing to our national development. 

“Today, we are here because of the patriotic conviction displayed by our diaspora community, showing the profound allegiance that Zimbabwe has from its progressive diaspora community,” she said.

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