Prophet delivers alcohol, drug addicts

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Prophet delivers alcohol, drug addicts


17 June 2016

Prophet Mashavave praying for one of the adicts

A LOCAL prophet courted controversy over the weekend when he delivered popular alcoholics and drug addicts in Budiriro 1 where he holds his services.

Prophet Lazarus Mashavave, leader and founder of Life Giving Spirit International Ministries (LGSIM) told H-Metro that the move was meant to demonstrate his deliverance powers as well as helping these addicts.

Alcoholic and drug addicts took their illicit substances to the pulpit, smoking and drinking while Prophet Mashavave laid hands on them and declaring them free.

Well known Budiriro drugs and alcoholics addicts professed that the deliverance service left them born again.

However, the move has since stirred debate with some arguing that modern prophets are taking their spiritual demonstrations and miracles too far, while others are seeing the mighty hand of God at work.

“Addictions are tearing the fabric of our society and as a man of God I cannot seat back and relax as if everything is fine.

“My sole duty is to deliver people from diverse bondages and that is exactly what I am doing,” Prophet Mashavave said.

“Marriages are collapsing because of these addictions . . . not anymore, God has remembered us as a nation,” he said.

Prophet Mashavave added that a lot of people who are in drugs have counterfeit problems be it financial, social, and emotional.

“Addiction is a demon, a demon that does not what to see people prosper the only solution is found in Jesus.
“What these people need is deliverance and fortunately enough God has given me that grace,” Prophet

Mashavave said.

“These demons are forcing people to commit crimes and some of the people are ending up in places they do not deserve like in jail.”

“I thank God that finally I have been delivered,” said a Budiriro man who preferred not to be named.

“I have been battling with this for the last 40 years. I tried almost everything to quit drinking but to no avail. My wife invited me here and the God of prophet Mashavave remembered me.

“Family fights are now a thing of the past, and for the first time in 40 years my family is now proud of me,” he said.

Prophet Mashavave said he is considering moving out of Budiriro to Primer Tobacco Auction Floor as he can no longer accommodate people at Budiriro 1 Community Hall.

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