Prophet drops Dendera album

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Prophet drops Dendera album Charles Pintec


Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

KADOMA based prophet and Royal Family International Ministry leader, Charles Pintec, has dropped a Dendera music album.

Titled New Curriculum, the seven-track album encourages people to unite and be peaceful.

Born Pingani Teche, the 38-year-old man of the cloth described his new project as a dynamite.

“We grew up zvichinzi vafundisi havafanire kuimba zvemunyika but let’s develop talent in whatever area we are so that we have a better world.

“The 2020 production has six Dendera tracks while the bonus is in Zora style because I was inspired by the late Simon Chimbetu and Leonard Zhakata.

“I was now known at Dendera shows and until then I have been a fan of these two great musicians.

“I did my first album in 2009 called Gapu reDendera although it did not get much marketing but we have improved much.

“This is a dynamite project and I recorded it at Hermas Studios and was mastered by Herbert ‘Mambo Hermas’ Masanje,” he said.

Added Pintec:

“Mambo Hermas also played the instruments and we took our time having sleepless nights.

“We will release videos at a later stage since we want to release quality videos.

“We encourage fans to buy original CDs so that we shun piracy.

“I am a minister of the gospel, a prophet by calling and I am also a businessman.

“We don’t depend on offerings, I am one of the biggest partner, handishumire ndichidya mari yechurch.”

The prophet said his music is here to stay.

“We balance music, ministry and everything.

“We have many projects outlined, fans should give us time and we want to encourage people through this album.

“Hatisi moto wemapaper and I am not in the industry to compete with anyone, but I want to complement everyone,” he added.

Prophet Pintec said his relationship with the Chimbetu clan will forever be cherished.

“I am close to the Chimbetu people and Dendera music will not die, I appreciate all madhara edu who pioneered the Dendera music.

“The legacy should just continue with people like Suluman, Allan, Douglas and all the Dendera singers.

“I also salute Alick Macheso, he is a good mentor, imhondoro yemusic, we have learnt a lot from them.

“To the world I say, let’s be united, love another, let’s fight against corruption and pray for a crime free environment, totya Mwari, toshanda pamwechete.”

The man of the cloth urged people to support the album.

“This is the best album to be produced in the mining town of Kadoma after the passing on of Simon Chimbetu.

“We are busy with logistics to for the official album launch and we will also engage country wide tours to market the album.

“Full blown shows will commence soon after the mega launch,” said Pintec.

Prophet Charles said supporting each other is key.

“As a man of God, I feel it’s a way of empowering, giving people hope, encouraging, oneness, unity and it’s easier because everyone listens to music.

“I am married and blessed with three children and my beautiful wife Nunurai.

“We together with my wife as she is a co-founder of the ministry and we have been travelling together in different countries.

“It’s not like I chose to sing but it’s a talent I was born with.

“Since primary I have been involved in drama, music and I have a passion for music.

“I am just expressing myself, teaching people through music, music is powerful since it reaches to every corner easily.”

The songs include Pikerere, Chiroto, Chikwati, Rairai Vana, Mhiko yemuchato, Saimba and Ndiwe Baba.

He also said CDs are being sold in Cossy Rules Furniture shops country wide, Odyssey Restaurant Kadoma, Zuva Service Stations, Trek Service Stations, Eat and Lick Food Chain Shops country wide.


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