Latwell Nyangu

PROPHET Reason Mutero of Hebron Family International Church in Harare has been ordered to vacate his rented house due to unpaid rentals and water bills.

The rentals have accumulated to US$1 300 for two months while water bills are now at $197 102.

He has been served with ejection orders from the Rent Board to leave the house, which he has stayed in since 2019, by the end of this month.

The landlady stated that he has been evasive for a long time and has been refusing to pay rent, despite numerous reminders and efforts.

One Aquinas, who is in charge of the house, said the prophet has been delaying paying and wasn’t taking her calls.

“I even went to the Civil Court to try and recover the rent arrears.

“He is saying he doesn’t want to pay because I embarrassed him at his church and because I went to court, so I will get the money through the courts.

“On August 30, I wrote a letter of demand for water bills and gave him a notice of three months. 

“He is in arrears from September, October and November and he is supposed to be out of the house on November 30.”

In the letter of demand, Aquinas wrote:

“I note with great concern that you have not paid your water bill of $158 5134,48 since June 2021 to present despite numerous efforts and reminders for you to do so.

“I hereby demand payment of the bill within seven days from the date hereof. 

“Failure to do so will leave me no other option except to take legal action against you.

“This letter also serves as notice to vacate the premises by November 30.”

 In case 1226/2023 at the Rent Board heard on November 9, Mutero was ordered to vacate the house.

“Please take note that the application for a certificate permitting ejection by Aquinas has been granted. 

“The occupant will move out by November 30 by consent.”

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