Prophet fights drugs, allergies

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Prophet fights drugs, allergies Prophet Mashavave


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HARARE prophet Lazarus Mashavave has embarked on an aggressive deliverance and healing initiative targeting those affected by drug abuse, allergies and spiritual attacks among other ailments

Dubbed ‘God Can Cure All Sicknesses’ the Quickening Spirit International Ministries leader said their campaign would deal with a myriad of challenges affecting people in Zimbabwe.

Prophet Mashavave said he has noted with concern that millions of people are dying way before their time because of various illnesses.

“The Bible says my people perish because of lack of knowledge, if only people get the knowledge that God is the great physician we would not be having many problems,” he said.

“As a church – by church I refer to the body of Christ – if we turn a blind eye to the reality that our nation is being destroyed by diseases, our presence in communities is of no use.

“This is the reason why we are embarking on this aggressive drive to try and combat every type of illness and drug abuse.

“Personally I believe abusing drugs is spiritual hence this campaign will deal with deliverance and then counselling for those who are into drug abuse,” said prophet Mashavave.

Prophet Mashavave also said deliverance, prophetic healing and breakthrough prayer sessions were always free for all who attend their services.

“The main focus of these campaigns is to ensure permanent deliverance to those afflicted.”

He said those with relatives who are not feeling well should attend service an experience the power of God.

The initiative which was launched a few months ago in Harare has seen hundreds of people positively testifying the goodness of God after long time sickness an illness disappeared instantly.

Last week prophet Mashavave delivered a woman who has had a wound that has been troubling her for the past 15 years.

“For 15 years I have been struggling with this leg, my husband died and left me in this situation but now I’m happy God has remembered me,” said Wadzanai Mahuvava, the lady who was healed of the wound which had troubled her

“I visited several hospitals but there was no change. I had lost hope up until this day I thank God for the miracle,” she said.

In an interview soon after the service Prophet Mashavave simply said “God has the answers to all human problems.

“Thousands of people are battling diseases and thousands of dollars are being spent yet God can freely cure every disease,” said prophet Mashavave.

“The Lady that you saw is not even our member, I’m told she was told by her relative to come here and look what God has done to he, this is not our doing but God is vindicating Himself.

“For years we have been doing this quietly but I have a feeling that we are entering another level were many people will be delivered and healed by God,” said Prophet Mashavave.

Prophet Mashavave said the initiative is not only limited to those who stay in Harare but to every human being across the globe.

Prophet Mashavave is the spiritual son to United Family International Church founder Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa.

He rose to fame in 2016 when he embarked on an initiative to deliver chain smokers, drug addicts and drunkards.

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