Prophet Magaya apologises

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Prophet Magaya apologises


2 November 2018

Shelly Guni and Arron Nyamayaro

PROPHETIC Healing and Deliverance Ministries founder, Prophet Walter Magaya, has apologised to the country at large for his claim of finding a cure for HIV/AIDS and cancer, which he said, was out of excitement of the new discovery.

Prophet Magaya on Sunday announced that he had found a cure to HIV/AIDS, a statement which has since divided opinions.

Speaking at a press conference in the capital yesterday, Prophet Magaya said he salutes the Ministry of Health and Child Care for the way they handled his case and went on to promise that they are ready to work together for the better.

Minister of Health and Child Care Obadiah Moyo and Prophet Magaya

“I come to you this hour to notify you that we have engaged the Ministry of Health and Child Care here in Zimbabwe.

“At the same time I came with a very important apology to the ministry and the public at large and all organisations.

“After discovering what I discovered which I tested in India and holding a report which was overwhelming to myself I went on and announced what I was carrying in my hands without taking note of the authority in Zimbabwe,” Prophet Magaya said.

Some authorities went on to say Prophet Magaya should retract his statements since they believe HIV/AIDS has no cure.

Commenting on that he said:

“According to what I have learnt, the authorities and all regulators were supposed to scrutinise, analyse and be satisfied of what I was holding.

“The apology that I carry is to say we rushed to announce what I was carrying without the authority analysing it.

“At the same time, I want to salute the Ministry which has handled me like a child and showed me the way.

Magaya is however, happy that the ministry has agreed to work with him.

“I can rightfully say, as I am here right now that they (Ministry of Health and Child Care) have agreed and are working with us 100 percent to come up with a true position in terms of the rules and regulations in Zimbabwe pertaining the issue of health and other medicine laws.

“I appreciate what other boards are writing and saying that I must retract which I am doing right now.”

He urged members of the public to take heed of their doctor’s instructions.

“I also want to emphasize even the day that I announced. I never said that people should stop taking antiretroviral (ARV) tablets. That is not my side or my line to say. One must follow the doctors who have precautions to that line.

“According to what the ministry is assuring us we are going to run intense tests and may take this opportunity to clarify that the lipstick being circulated on social media is with distortions.

“I was giving an example of what other countries discovered not wrong information circulating along with the video clip posted on social media,” said Prophet Magaya.

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