Prophet Nixon gets it wrong

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Prophet Nixon gets it wrong


6 August 2018

A PROPHET with the Joyous Celebration Church Ministries International has been exposed for giving false prophecies on the presidential election race.

For months now, Prophet Nixon Kainga of Joyous Celebration Church has been sending messages to H-Metro claiming that MDC Alliance president Nelson Chamisa was going to be the president yet the election results saw him losing to President ED Mnangagwa.

In one of his prophecies, Prophet Nixon claimed to have been sent by God saying, “When a man of God speaks, the wise listen.

“Welcoming new Zimbabwe with our president Nelson Chamisa.”

The prophet also made a decree which he termed Heavenly Declaration claiming that Chamisa would be the president come July 30 elections.

“I Pastor Nixon Kainga standing in the presence of God declare and decree Pastor Nelson Chamisa President of the Republic of Zimbabwe.

“The nation of Zimbabwe let us all support the vision God gave Pastor Nelson Chamisa to lead Zimbabwe.

“Use me your servant to deliver the good news of restoration to the Nation of Zimbabwe.

“I thank you Lord for giving (us) the Nation of Zimbabwe President and Pastor Nelson Chamisa.

“My Lord you say in your word “before you (were) born l knew you – still in you mothers belly l knew you and called you by name.

“Oh God l am juss (sic) a vessel and mouthpiece to the Nation of ZIMBABWE; let your word be known everywhere- Use me your servant to deliver the good news,” Prophet Nixon said in the another message sent to this publication.

In another message, Prophet Nixon said:

“The truth still remains.

“Pastor Nelson Chamisa president of the Republic of Zimbabwe.

“Standing for God and the country.”

On July 21, Prophet Nixon further stamped his authority on Chamisa becoming the president of Zimbabwe.

“New President: – Nelson Chamisa.

“New Zimbabwe:-

“Mr President – you are now shifting to higher level – I’m the process of shifting to higher lever always . . . no weapon formed against you shall prosper.

“You are a winner,” Prophet Nixon sent the message to this publication.

Prophet Nixon said Chamisa had been called by God to lead and victory was certainly on his side.

“Mr President: – never to be moved by any situation or circumstances. There is light at the end of the tunnel – keep your focus on God – when God says ‘yes’ no-one can say ‘no’.

“It is well with you Mr President. You are chosen and called of god to lead Zimbabwe,” the man of cloth wrote.

Prophet Nixon yesterday said Chamisa was the president right now.

“I won’t take down my statement. He (Chamisa) is the president man of God. He is going to rule the country and God is in it,” Prophet Nixon said.

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