Prophet Passion addresses school children’s call

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Prophet Passion addresses school children’s call


Arron Nyamayaro, H-Metro Reporter

Kingdom Embassy Ministries’ leader, Prophet Passion Java, on Friday answered nearly 2000 school children’s prayers by donating books in Seke.

Prophet Java visited Murape primary and secondary schools where he donated exercise and hard cover books and pens to all the children.

Murape Secondary School headmaster Lameck Chahwanda hailed the UK based man of the cloth for the donation which he said came at the time it mattered most.

“To be honest with you Prophet Passion, you have answered the prayers of these children,” said Chahwanda.

“You have built the future and blessed generations through this donation, I want to say this donation is like rains to the wilting plants.

“You have given them life.

“Shortage of books had forced us to combine three subjects in one exercise book and this was deplorable.

“May our good Lord and Saviour continue to give you more grace and years to see the success of the children you have given hope and focus.

“I would like to extend my gratitude to your local church leadership with the support and all those who accompanied you to witness this donation of hope and life,” said Chahwanda.

Prophet Passion pronounced a blessing to the children and their teachers urging them to value education as a means to success.

“Education remain one of the steps to a better life that is why I rushed to meet your needs at a shortest time,” said Prophet Passion.

“Above everything you might think of, prayer is the chief corner stone and being known by God is greater than all earthly wisdom and knowledge.

“Remain focused and live a prayerful life, read books and show your talents to be relevant in every community God will give you the grace to stay.

“I wish you a better life, success in the manifold wisdom of God which will be shown here on earth through you as his church,” said Prophet Passion.

Prophet Passion promised to address water shortage at the schools after learning from the headmasters that children were bringing water from various sources of wells at their villages.

Ward councillor Edmond Chako, Kingdom Embassy ministries elders and teaching staff witnessed the donation.




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