Prophet reveals pastors in hell

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Prophet reveals pastors in hell Prophet Forgiveness Nyakuweka


Arron Nyamayaro, H-Metro Reporter

A Prophet known for conducting church services on social media shocked more than 2000 followers on his WhatsApp group with his sensational claims that the renowned late evangelists Phanuel Chiweshe, Reinhard Bonkie and Benard Mzeki are in hell.

Prophet Forgiveness Nyakuweka, popularly known by his followers as Prophet Shamma, claimed he has powers to call spirits of the dead and talk to them as well seeing final destinations of the dead.

In his WhatsApp group dubbed “Prophet Nyakuweka 2019”, the man of cloth who ministers to his followers through social media only, claimed that Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM) late evangelist Chiweshe, Overseer Chitauro, Johanne Marange, tele-evangelist Bonkie, Anglican clergyman Mzeki, Billy Graham and Ruth Nix are in hell.

Prophet Nyakuweka claimed he knew some of the late Evangelist Chiweshe’s secret sins that included stealing church money failed him.

In Marange’s case, he said he was failed by fornication and adultery while Bonkie did not enter heaven for telling lies and masturbating.

He went on to claim that one of the late Gogo Murape of AFM’s spirit returned to him and they had a discussion about heaven experiences.

In an interview, Prophet Nyakuweka said God gave him grace to summon, kill demons and evil spirits and predict date of death of people.

“It is true the late Evangelist Chiweshe, Reinhard Bonkie, Overseer Chitauro, Johanne Marange, Benard Mzeki, Bilkly Graham and Ruth Nix are indeed in hell,” said Prophet Nyakuweka.

“As a servant of God I always operate in the spirit so all the things that happened operates in the spirit.

“That grace and anointing is bestowed in me to open people’s eyes to see the supernatural and also to see hell and those who are there.

“I have experienced this many times in my life.

“Many people struggle in prayer because they worship and pray God in flesh so the things of the spirit need one to have spiritual eyes to see beyond our human eyes.

“Gogo Murape of AFM yes indeed returned to me three times and in 2019 the spirit visited twice and this year it happened once after I have requested God to send someone who have made to heaven.

“Her spirit shared with us its heavenly experiences and I am the one who last spoke to her in Domboshava where she used to live foretelling her date of death and she died four days after my visit.

“People will be shocked to discover that most of the known Christians who departed failed to make it in heaven because of their secret sins.

“Some of the popular pastors, church leaders and prophets to name them are worshipping the devil and performing miracles using the power of the devil,” said Prophet Nyakuweka.



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