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6 March 2018

Harare socialite and author, Thelma Will, is officially off the market!

The 27-year-old beauty got engaged to El Shaddai Worship City Church leader prophet Peter Flames on Friday during the Thelma Will Foundation brand launch where the man of cloth made a surprise appearance.
In an interview with H-Metro after saying ‘yes’, Thelma said she feels like she is dreaming.
“I didn’t know he was going to come for the launch since he had initially told me that he was not going to make it for the event.
“So I was actually so excited having him coming for the event and I was much more overwhelmed with joy when he knelt down before me and popped the question,” she said.

Speaking on how she felt when the prophet made the proposal, Thelma said she couldn’t believe it as the experience seemed to be too good to be true.
“Am still shocked, who would ever thought that this once heart-broken and insecure girl would one day find a handsome God fearing man kneeling before her asking for her hand in marriage.

“Who would even have a clue that the girl who once felt like she is not enough would one day find a fine gentleman saying you are everything that I prayed for.
“When he knelt before me, I wanted to turn back and run away for I felt unworthy and undeserving but the look in his eyes gave me an assurance that I was best candidate for the unbelievable miracle that was set before me.

“How we met was kind of funny, we met when he came to Zim for the first time and he was lost and he asked me if I was from Zim and if I could help him cause he was lost that’s how we started talking and one thing led to the other and we started dating,” she said.

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