Prophetess Macheka joins forces with Ngwazi

Mathew Masinge

UK-based preacher and musician, Prophetess Phammy Macheka, has teamed up with Mark Ngwazi, Kudzi Nyakudya and Obert Chari on a new music project. 

The six-track album, titled Rumuko (Life), will be launched on November 24.

It tells the story of the musician’s near-death experience and her subsequent recovery. Macheka believes that the album will prove her qualities, as she is looking to expand her fan base. 

She hopes to bring a message that uplifts those who are struggling, saying that she prays that “God speaks to every listener through this music for us to understand his ways”.

“I believe this is my breakthrough album after singing about my personal encounter with God as he delivered me from the hands of death. I could have been long buried, but God stood in the way and raised me. This is what the album is about and I hope to bring a message which will uplift someone in a difficult situation.

“Sometimes life does not treat us the same, it is my prayer that God speaks to every listener through this music for us to understand his ways,” said Macheka.

Songs on the album are; Izwi Rashe, Usagumbuka, Dare Rayeso, Nhai Mwari Baba, Chirevo and Murapi.

After recently moving to the UK, Macheka has been keen on a breakthrough on the international scene.

“I feel the five collaborations I did on this album will do justice. The whole project is a living testimony which speaks to current cultural trends.

“As an upcoming artist, the goal is to reach out to new audiences and spread the gospel of Christ through music.

“I’m passionate about my music and open to new collaborations that grow my brand and fly the Zimbabwe flag high,” she said.

She already has three other albums, Musandipfuura, Zvakanaka and Deborah Arise under her belt.

She has also worked with Fungisai Zvakavapano and Rumbi Zvirikuzhe on previous projects.

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