Prophetess up for rape

03 Dec, 2021 - 09:12 0 Views
Prophetess up for rape The suspect Rose Friday has been remanded in custody


Zvikomborero Parafini, Court Reporter

A self-proclaimed prophetess was yesterday dragged to court charged for aggravated indecent assault after she reportedly had unprotected sexual intercourse with her friend’s son aged 12.

The suspect Rose Friday was not asked to plead when she appeared before Harare magistrate Dennis Mangosi who remanded her in custody to December 20.


She was advised to apply for bail at the High Court.


The court heard that sometime between October and November this year, the complainant went to Friday’s house looking for her son and he was not there but she invited him into the house where she removed his clothes and laid him on the bed then went on top of him and had sexual intercourse with him without his consent.


After the incident, she reportedly threatened him not to tell anyone about the incident or else she would do something terrible to him and his family because she is a ‘red-garment’ prophetess.


The matter came to light when the boy’s mother took the complainant to the police for counselling since he was bunking school that was when he revealed the incident to the police.


He also revealed that sometimes Friday would call her to her home while he children were sleeping and would have sexual intercourse with him without his consent.


Anesu Chirenje appeared for the State.

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