Public keen on COVID-19 vaccinations

23 Jul, 2021 - 11:07 0 Views
Public keen on COVID-19 vaccinations Scenes at Wilkins Hospital where people sought to get their Covid-19 jabs


Takawira Photovet Dapi
The public has paid heed to COVID-19 vaccination calls with many people thronging various vaccination centres in the country.
H-Metro visited Wilkins Hospital and other clinics in the city where vaccinations were going on with many people showing eagerness to be vaccinated.

Claudio Gatsi

Claudio Gatsi, 55 said:

“I am scrambling for COVID-19 vaccination because I recently came from a funeral so I have to be sure I get vaccinated.
“I have realised that Covid-19 is real because we lost a relative.

“She died from COVID-19.

“We prayed to God and we are convinced that he hears all prayers. He however passed his decision.”

Children were also queuing for vaccination alongside their parents.

Kimpton Kafura a Harare resident had his family queuing for vaccination saying this was the only way to save lives.

A Covid-19 survivor Mukze Oswell said he thought of prevention after recovering from the disease.


“I have again come back here at Wilkins Hospital for retesting after two weeks on COVID-19 and finally got vaccinated.


“I have now discovered that this COVD-19 is amongst us in our communities, we are living with it.


“Many of us are living with Covid-19 but fooling ourselves that we are having just a flu.


“Imagine daily, people are sharing a single quart of beer, sharing cigarettes, overcrowding at braai centres, using back doors at night clubs,” he said.

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