Public Service Commission applauds civil servants

17 Jan, 2019 - 14:01 0 Views
Public Service Commission applauds civil servants Dr Vincent Hungwe


17 January 2019

Dr Vincent Hungwe

CIVIL Servants who have continued to report for duty despite the obstacles they encountered during the past few days have been applauded.

In a statement, chairman of the public service commission, Dr Vincent Hungwe said Government wishes to appreciate the commitment shown by civil servants.

“The Government is gratified by the improvement in attendance by civil servants at their workstations,” said Dr Hungwe.

“All government work places, including schools, are required to be fully functional today, with all personnel reporting for duty by the prescribed times.

“Public Service Commission buses, which transported personnel to work yesterday will ply their normal routes at the end of the workday, will ferry civil servants to and from work at the designated pick-up and drop-off points at the usual times,” he said.


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