Pullo salutes local football

18 Aug, 2020 - 09:08 0 Views
Pullo salutes local football Prosper Kadewere (R)


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PROSPER Kadewere, brother to the late Beta XI coach and former player Prince, has hailed local football stakeholders for their support during bereavement.

Prosper, known as Boss Pullo, said they received a lot of support from different people since Prince’s death until his burial at the weekend.

“We are really honoured as a family with the support we have received since the death of Prince until now.

“It was not going to be easy for us especially under the prevailing situation but I would like to thank the Government of Zimbabwe for the support. You know one of our brother Tino was in France but he managed to come and be with us to mourn our bother.

“The Zimbabwe Football Association has also been together with us, the president Felton Kamambo through some representatives including Wellington Mpandare. Mpandare was with us all the way, running around with one of my brother Pardon. Sugar Chagonda was also with us,” he said.

He said representatives from local clubs, including Tino’s former team Harare City, also came and rendered their support.

“Harare City chief executive Tafadzwa Bhasera, Everisto Rukasha also supported us,” he said.

Apart from friends in football, Boss Pullo said they also received support from individuals from the community.

“We also received support from our community in Highfield including Mushandirapamwe Hotel, Zuva Machipisa, M and M Engineering, HMMAS and OK Machipisa.

“They all gave us support in various ways and we really appreciate that,” he said.




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