‘Punish those pupils!’

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‘Punish those pupils!’


12 June 2018


. . . Majongwe blasts Chisi video



Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe secretary general Raymond Majongwe has castigated the behavior of the Chisipite Senior School pupils who released a video speaking profanities in the name of jest.

Majongwe also blasted the school system for failing to punish such students saying the system is too lax and tolerant and that will destroy the moral values that students must be nurtured under.

“This country is in trouble! We are taking this rights thing too far. Students need to be disciplined. This is why we petitioned the former president Mugabe to bring back corporal punishment.

“Go to schools in the high density right now; there is sex, drug abuse, truancy, indiscipline, kids are coming to school drunk.

“Schools have become ungovernable. This never used to happen in the 80s because students would be disciplined if they went off track.

“Right now, it will not be surprising if the pupils we are talking about go unpunished. Because a little punishment and rights organisations come screaming in your face,” said Majongwe.

The outspoken PTUZ secretary general denounced arguments that scholars have always been naughty but the difference is in the past there was no social media and it is now there and ruining the reputation of today’s scholar.

“No that is not the case. It is a fact that today’s students are engaging in sex and abusing drugs and alcohol more than was done in the 80s – that has nothing to do with social media or technology.

“What we need is for school authorities to say the buck stops here! Go to Falcon or Lomagundi or Peterhouse, these things will never happen at such schools cause they are strict and if you bend their rules they take action.

“Other schools are not as strict, they are too tolerant, too lax and they bow before so called children’s rights. They must know that every right is followed by responsibility.”

Videos of school children that are going viral are slowly becoming a common feature on social media.

The video of Chisipite Senior School students singing and speaking profanities is trending with a lot of debate around it.

Majongwe said the vulgar was uncalled for and it damaged the school’s reputation one way or another.

The students, their parents and the school regret the actions of these young ladies as revealed by a statement attributed to the school which read,

“Thank you to all of those who have let us know about the appalling video that some of our Lower 6 pupils made. The girls’ parents have been notified and share our disappointment in the pupils’ behaviour.

“The girls have been punished and regret their actions. This was not a war cry or in any way sanctioned by the school but an isolated incident involving 6 pupils.

“This is not an accurate reflection of our school culture and community, a sentiment shared by our parents, alumni and pupils.

“We thank you for your support of Chisipite.” – Mrs. Hill.

In this week’s Sunday Mail, Maranatha Group of Schools put a statement disassociating themselves from a video of primary school pupils that were in their school bus chanting political slogans.

“This action was neither sanctioned nor supported by the school but was performed by a group of minors who were not aware of the impact of their actions which they carried out in enjoyment following a crowd which was demonstrating and singing on the streets. Maranatha . . . is an apolitical Christian School which focuses solely on the provision of quality education,” they wrote in their statement.

Majongwe said there would have been an uproar if the chanted slogans had been the ruling party’s and again urged schools to take action against such incidence.

But it was the Chisipite video that sent shockwaves across the social media platforms. The school is known to nurture ladies of value in an environment where even screaming or shouting is deemed unladylike and to see pupils from the school, in the revered green uniform expressing such cheap vulgarity – and recording a video of the whole scene – was a shocking sight indeed.

Below are some of the comments on social media platforms concerning the behavior of the young ladies.

Keith…@Ndini Keith :Let’s be honest, if that song yema Chisi girls had been sang by school boys dai zvisina issue

@Tonderai.K: That video circulating of those Chisi girls singing a vulgar warcry is one example of why I’m glad social media wasn’t that big when I was in High School. Tbh we sang similar warcrys but without fear of a video circulating & possibly ending up in front of our parents

Rue☆…[email protected]: I may not have gone to Chisi, but from the looks of it, it’s a bunch of girls having some fun. Singing songs that WE ALL sung. Don’t throw stones when you’re in a glass house

Eggs Bacon Bread @EllaBellaBleu: Oh…those Chisi girls recorded themselves? Then they should have been expelled. They know the rules around decorum, respecting their uniform, and the school’s social media policy.

Keith…@Ndini Keith: Those girls from Chisi don’t deserve all the attention or the punishment. It’s a war cry. We sang worse off songs in our day. Also the person who was recording atori ne problem.

Geez not Hot @tatendaGTM: Imagine if that sausage video by the chisi girls was sung in Shona like the first video vaibva vadzingwa chikoro. As a matter of fact Vaibva vadzingwa muZimbabwe chaimo

RobzWoGainz @Robin Chaibva:The Chisi girls singing is not dismissable. In Lower 6 at Mary Ward any unlady like behaviour was banned. We were allowed hairstyles that were elegant, french manicure, but God forbid shouting across the field to call someone..ladies also do not run… powerwalking hedu

MpWeVanhu @LindakSibs:Want to have an idea of what a complete riot I was in all 3 high schools I attended? See that Chisi girl who came face bham into the camera? Tunyatso make it clear to us. High school is for fun. I saw girls being teens and having fun. “Watcha saying”

Gerald. @geraldmush1:But that chisi girls video isnt an issue for real, everyone does that in high school. Like leave the girls alone ffs. Anyway maybe coz hapasi pa mission ka isu taitoimba zvodarika ipapo pa Assisi apa…

JACK MATONTS @sizanele :Chisi girls have nothing to apologize for. Let them enjoy their high school years. Ask anybody from a harare school #PE #Churchil #Allan Wilson #Cranborne #Ellis Robins #Lord Malvern @misscailah @zimleague @StarfmZimbabwe @ZiFMStereo that song is a trending dembare song

TheatreBuff @MopaniWormJunky:I think going as far as calling Chisi racist is a bit too much. The unfortunate part was that the girls went against the brand of the school of producing ‘ladies’ and not ‘mahure’. Imagine Convent girls singing the same.

Lebbie Hanyire @lebnahan:Leave the school grounds, take your uniform off and sing and say as many profanities as you desire. These school girls are bound by a code of conduct.

Tafara [email protected] tafara:I am very disturbed by people who are trying to justify such actions by our daughters in school. Such actions shd be condemned in the strongest possible way as it sets a bad precedent for being cool. These girls shd understand the gravity of their banter.

Taurai Njabulo Chirandu Njekete

We sang worse lyrics ” Sengifuna uku ze … Uku ze … Ukuzenzi bosso ngoba sengi nqa…. Sengi nqa …. Senginqandi mali. Ngathi ngiya bho… Ngiya bho… Ngiyabhoda ngale. Ngabona umdi … Umdi …

Umdikthekthivu. Obaba balamase… Amase … Amasenti okuthenga omama balamale… Amale … Amalembu okuthunga” And Mugarandenga


Tafadzwa Mugabe

 Please stop forwarding this video. By sharing it, we’re inflicting more harm to these children. Please

Leonard T. Makoni

 Because this is so sad,

I think we are making it worse by pushing it on. These are children who made mistakes. As parents we ought to be sharing how to get back into our roles to build values and character in our children. We are in the dock, not these girls. We need to help each raise these children. Yes please stop pushing it further than it is. If Facebook can, please delete this video from the public.

Vimbai Muvambwi

These songs were sang from way back in high schools only there were no cameras not sure why people are panicking as if someone died

Doris Marutta

All children pass through this stage called adolescence. No big deal. Nemiwo mai imi kwanai pamwe ndimi maitoita ava better vari kungoimba. Tigarirei pasi uko. A girl here in Norton committed suicide nezvamuri kuita izvi. Wenyu mwana mapedza kuraira? Haiwawo

VaTinashe Mbofana

Mai ava zvavatori saskam nhai? Saka kuramba muchi sheya kuti zvidii? These kids are stil minors, you need to put the legality of your actions into perspective

Spiwe Hlatywayo @Diana Amisi ndinzwirewo im speechless

Norman Chibatamoto

hapana nyaya apa everyone who pass through high school vanoziva dzataiimba kusati kwane masmartphone kufara kwevana

Munya N-Cube

Apa unenge uchibhadara $1200 per month uchiti mwana ari kuchikoro!

Stephen Tidi Prostitutes in school uniform

Blessing Barney Nhende @Stanford Chipako dai makatoitirwao action so.

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