Pupils receive sanitary wear

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Pupils receive sanitary wear


14 January 2019

CO-FOUNDERS of PATH organization on Friday donated more than one thousands sanitary wear to 190 students at Chihuri Secondary school in Shamva.

The initiative is part of the organisation’s efforts in giving back to the community.

The organization visited Chihuri Secondary school where they donated nine packets of sanitary wear each to 190 girls and further gave five scholarships to five deserving form four students and drinking water bottles.

In an interview, one of the co-founders, Stanford Chabayanzara said they are inspired by the understanding that it takes a community to raise a child.

“The inspiration comes from the understanding that it takes a community to raise a child.

“We were all raised by Chihuri Secondary School and its now our turn to plough back into the same community that molded us,” said Chabayanzara.

Chabayanzara said the day was a success.

“The day went well and we were happy to be meeting with some of our former teachers.

“Many were in attendance and the girls were happy to be receiving the sanitary wear,” he said.

PATH group in white

Chabayanzara said the organization’s top priority is the provision of sanitary wear but they also made it their intention to provide scholarships.

“Sanitary wear provision is our top priority but we also gave the students scholarships.

“The scholarships were given to five form four deserving students who are McMillan Mushambi, Patience Nyamvura, Blessing Gunzvi, Malvin Ngapasare and Munashe Zengenene.

“The scholarships covers their annual school fees and exam fees for the first five subjects.

“The parents of these children were also present to witness the event,” he said.

He added that the provision of sanitary pads is meant to restore the dignity of the girl child.

“We made the provision of sanitary wear our top priority so that we restore the dignity of the girl child and to make sure she stays in schools during her monthly cycle.

“Years back, many of the girls would not attend school when they are on their cycles because they did not have the sanitary pads,” he said.

The sanitary provisions are expected to last for eight months.

“We gave them sanitary wear that will sustain them until our next visit in September,” he added.

Path organization was founded in August 2017 by Annastacia Teuro, Stanford Chabayanzara and Barnabus Mutembedza and it mainly focuses on provision of sanitary wear to girls.



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