Purple Pride, Zhakata collabo makes waves

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Purple Pride, Zhakata collabo makes waves Purple Pride Family


Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

A 60-member gospel group Purple Pride Family says they are overwhelmed with the feedback coming from fans following their new release Musandikanganwe, which they collaborated with Leonard Karikoga Zhakata.

The hit song was written and produced by MacDonald Chidavaenzi and the troupe’s founder Albert Mtengwa said they are overwhelmed with the feedback coming from the fans across the country.

“So having Zhakata as my mentor since the group formation (2012) this year I then thought it was now time for him to do a Collabo with my outfit.


“We then did Musandikanganwe which was premièred two weeks ago and already has made it to the charts of radio stations and also has been having a very growing youtube viewership which has made it a talk of the town with its Video with two generations blended together.

“As Zhakata was wearing his old school outfits from the time of Mugove,” he said.


The Purple Pride Family’s vision is to spread God’s message through worship and this is a group of 60 members who are from different churches around Zimbabwe.

Albert Mtengwa

“This year we then decided to do a collaboration with a legend Zhakata and this track is titled Musandikanganwe.


“We released it in form of a music video which was premièred on YouTube on Friday April,16.

“The video was directed and shot by Hastings Chiromo (Rocklife Media) and he is the same person who has been doing all our productions from the time of Jesu Ndiye Hama which debuted Trace Gospel.


“As Purple Pride Family, we now embarking on giving our audience something different and our future plans are to have a Live Dvd recording which we promise to be of a unique approach in all aspects,” he said.


Mtengwa said they have been grooming and nurturing young talent worshippers from different churches around the country and beyond.


“Since we are an interdenominational group, we are grooming young worshippers.


“To date I have done various projects and the break started in 2019 when we did our debut entry on Trace Gospel and One Gospel with a Track titled Jesu Ndiye Hama.


“From there we then did three more projects namely Tinosimudzira, Ndimi Zvose and Canaan which all made it to the Trace Gospel and One Gospel playlist.


“Visuals have been directed and produced by Rocklife Media-Hastings Chiromo,” he added.


The choir is working on a project called Heart of Worship Compilation and it has been releasing singles with visuals since last year.


The group was founded on June,30 in 2012.

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