Qadr Amini ties knot

23 Oct, 2017 - 17:10 0 Views
Qadr Amini ties knot


23 October 2017

Qadr and wife

NGEZI Platinum FC left back Qadr Amini on Friday tied the knot with his wife, Kudzanai Mangachena, at the Harare magistrates court.

The footballer said he was elated to formalise his union, adding that celebrations will take place at the end of the season.

“I am happy to tie the knot. It is something good in the footballing world for us to be the examples in our respective communities.

“The vows that I made, I will honour them,” said the father of two.

Amini said he has suspended wedding celebrations to focus on the premier league title race.

“The premier league race for the mean time is a major focus. I have put the celebrations on hold but will give a date after the season.

“Once the season is done, we will announce the date,” added Amini.

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